2022 started with some incredible projects where we really digged deep with artists to elaborate a sonic universe that fits their intention and story.

Jeremy is such a pro! From our first meeting to final master he’s so fun to work with and pays great attention to detail. Truly cares about your song. Can’t wait to work with him again!MARTINA ARMOUR

“I was so blown away by his warmth and precision. It gave me such relief knowing that my work was in great hands. We’re both detail oriented so it was such a perfect match to get my songs to the best! I now feel like I have someone at the top level on my team.” MARINA BENNETT
2021 was a great year for the studio, collaborating with incredible artists and building strong connections.

This is why I do what I do, and it is really fulfilling on a human level.

“He is a great listener and he puts his soul into making the final product the best, truly caring for the artist’s vision too! I cannot recommend him highly enough! RONNIE WHITE

The service I received from Jeremy was very professional and easy. He totally caught my vision for that track and was quick and effective at responding to my feedback, I would definitely recommend! ADAM BARING

And also so many new beautiful artistic encounters

This year started with some difficulties in the music industry, as you all know.

And yet so many great creations have seen the light of day.

“Jeremy helped me re-discover my authentic vision of my song and bring it to a whole new level.”


“Very happy to have worked with Jeremy. He is very attentive and we were able to exchange throughout the process of mix and mastering. I highly recommend his services.” GE OR GE

And also so many new beautiful artistic encounters

Jeremy is the loveliest man. The result blew my mind. He is a true music lover. 11/10 would recommend.



I can’t express how grateful I am to have been working on all these amazing projects in 2019.
I’m still amazed at how awesome people can be at creating music

“He truly works for the good of music.”


And putting the little magic on these creations for these artists is honestly the best feeling.

“Jeremy was the most professional and open minded producer I’ve come across. “


“Great mixing skills. Can take a very rough and poor quality mix and get it up to professional level in a very small space of time. Highly recommended.”


This year 2018 offered me countless new musical connections, and musical friendships

A complete year of helping people with their music

“He made something exactly the way I was seeing it in my head. He is very careful about what you really want and he makes everything possible.”


“Banging mixes. Quick turn around and really listens to feedback. Would recommend.”


It was a good year!

Finally, after working in
a few different studios,

I finally created my own
in March 2017

So many great projects
And unforgettable

“Jeremy is super professional, reliable and efficient. I’m extremely satisfied. Absolutely a great experience. Looking forward to more project ahead.”


“I had such a great experience in the studio, he is really professional, available and flexible. If you wanna your music sounds great you should go here then.”


A great start for
Dune Audio Productions